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Gone but not forgotten.

This past year has left none of us unscathed. Many of us have either experienced loss directly or know someone who has lost someone. And while COVID-19 may have decimated communities, other factors have led to the death of many of our loved ones. It matters not how or why, but they are gone and we are devastated. The losses at times have seemed too numerous to bear. They have been young, old, middle aged and for those of us left behind the pain of the losses are incomprehensible. For those of us left behind we can only pray that our loved ones are without pain and knew how much we love them, and that they are missed beyond belief. We relish in holding on to their memories. A letter, card, a photograph or other memento, telegraphs that we know they lived, they loved and they were a part of us and we a part of them.

As we grapple with these losses we are left to imagine our own mortality. Let us plan for the inevitable and leave our families and friends without burden. Take action now. Schedule a one on one with Heirloom or join our next End-of-Life Planning Course in October 2021.

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